IKT Congress 2013, Madrid


IKT is the international association of curators of contemporary art. It is a members organisation that represents the professional interests of curators from across the world and brings them together to exchange ideas. 

During the annual IKT Congress, hosted at a different place each year, prominent speakers discuss a current topic related to the practice of curating contemporary art. This year congress took place in Madrid from April 19-21, 2013.

On Saturday 20, Pedagogías Invisibles had the chance to present the project Microwave(s) that is been developed currently at Matadero Madrid. We share with you some photographs of this event and the text and concept maps we showed. 


MICROWAVE(s). Disruptive Education Laboratory.


A project by Invisible Pedagogies for Matadero Madrid.

Invisible Pedagogies is an Art Education research and action group made up of professionals from various fields: secondary schools, universities, museums and art centres, community groups, etc. We are united by an interest in detecting, analyzing and transforming the invisible pedagogies present in any act where learning takes place. As a concept, invisible pedagogies consist of the infinite and uncontrollable set of micro-discourses that happen –and/or fail to happen- in a specific pedagogic act, which occur at a secondary level (latent and unconscious), are addressed to an imagined receiver and which transform the mind and the body of those participating in the pedagogic act in question.

Microwave is a Laboratory for Disruptive, Regenerative and Contemporary Education:

_Disruptive: a kind of education that, without establishing formulas, aims to implement the paradigm shift that the obsolete current education system needs.

_Regenerative: an education that, being critical of the system, is optimistic and proposes alternatives; an education that thinks of questioning the system as a transforming action.

_Contemporary: a kind of education that analyzes the changes and transformations that have occurred in the world in which we live and, therefore, tries to develop liquid, rhizomatic and crossbreeding educational practices.

Within this framework, there are three main areas: Formal Education, Education/Mediation in Art Centres, and Social Education. These research and action lines of work will be developed from an “Each one teach one” approach every Thursday from 17 to 20h during the months of April May, June, September, October, November and December 2013.



. . . or how to deal with invisible pedagogies.

Detecting . . .

. . . all the elements involved in a specific teaching-learning process. It is about looking “with fresh eyes” at what is done so much that it is no longer seen.

Analyzing . . .

. . . what is being taught implicitly through the elements detected previously; the way that learning affects individuals and their behaviour . . .

Transforming . . .

. . . those elements that foster learning that reproduces the hegemonic values without leaving room for questioning or constructing one’s own emancipated learning. Achieving these transformations requires acting in small ways that lead to what we could call “micro-revolutions of the ordinary”.


MICROWAVE(s). Disruptive Education Laboratory.

Social Education Laboratory

_Artivism and Ethno-education involves research on ethnicity in Spain and its implementation in different educational contexts.

_Various Perspectives seeks to promote the presence and participation of functionally diverse people in a community interested in innovative education.

_Mapping places of learning wants to encourage awareness of where, how and what we learn: how many unexpected places can be places of learning?

Formal Education Laboratory

_Disruptive evaluation questions the effectiveness of traditional evaluation and proposes research and experimentation about new way of assessing.

_The classroom as discourse thinks about the way a contemporary pedagogical space should be taking into account its architectural structures, furniture, lighting and use of new technologies, decoration and other senses (sound, food…).

_Shake before using tries to deal with the invisible pedagogies in secondary school music education.

_New rhetoric in visual education wants to investigate the development of identity in teenagers through their self-image from the perspective of contemporary visual culture.

Laboratory of education/mediation in the field of cultural production

_Expanded mediation in art centres attempts to be involved in the curatorial process and to make it possible for the public to form part of the process of cultural production.

_Package yourself wants to do a side-by-side comparison of elements commonly found in retail and museum settings.




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